Notes and Thoughts

I will add thoughts and notes to myself on this page, so check it frequently if you’re curious. I’ve settled into a somewhat stable routine of two sessions per day at three hours per session. This feels fairly comfortable and sustainable. A dick forum emphasized the importance of applying heat during penis exercises of allContinue reading “Notes and Thoughts”

Daily Tracker

April 05th – 4.0 hoursApril 06th – 4.0 hoursApril 07th – 5.5 hoursApril 08th – 6.0 hoursApril 09th – 7.0 hoursApril 10th – 6.0 hoursApril 11th – 7.0 hoursApril 12th – 5.0 hoursApril 13th – 6.0 hoursApril 14th – 5.0 hoursApril 15th – 5.5 hoursApril 16th – 6.0 hoursApril 17th – 2.0 hoursApril 18th –Continue reading “Daily Tracker”

It Begins

Well friends, it arrived and I’m wearing it now. Setting it up was simple, and so far I’m impressed with the quality of construction and the comfort of wearing it. Hopefully I won’t be telling a different story six hours from now; that’s the real test. As you can see in the image above, thereContinue reading “It Begins”

Starting Measurements

As you can see in the above image, I’m starting at around 6.75 inches. Girth is 4.5 inches circumference around the middle of the shaft. I’ve read that girth should be taken at the widest portion, but the middle seemed more accurate considering that we’re looking for change and not just showing off.

The Plan

I bought the ridiculous-looking kit pictured above from a company in Germany after doing a day of research into traction-based penis extenders. I will be suctioning the device to the head of my dick and letting the contraption tug on it for around six hours a day. In theory this should work perfectly. When IContinue reading “The Plan”

The Reasoning

Why am I doing this? Why am I attempting to publicly lengthen my dick? Do I just want attention? Do I have a humiliation fetish? The simplest answer is that I’m doing this because other people haven’t. I don’t know a single person, in real life or online, that has even dabbled in the blackContinue reading “The Reasoning”

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