Daily Tracker

April 05th – 4.0 hours
April 06th – 4.0 hours
April 07th – 5.5 hours
April 08th – 6.0 hours
April 09th – 7.0 hours
April 10th – 6.0 hours
April 11th – 7.0 hours
April 12th – 5.0 hours
April 13th – 6.0 hours
April 14th – 5.0 hours
April 15th – 5.5 hours
April 16th – 6.0 hours
April 17th – 2.0 hours
April 18th – 2.5 hours
April 19th – 4.0 hours
April 20th – 4.0 hours
April 21st – 7.0 hours
April 22nd – 6.0 hours
April 23rd – 5.0 hours
April 24th – 7.0 hours
April 25th – 5.5 hours
April 26th – 4.0 hours
April 27th – 6.0 hours
April 28th – 7.0 hours
April 29th – 6.0 hours
April 30th – 6.0 hours
May 01st – 2.0 hours
May 02nd – 5.0 hours
May 03rd – 6.0 hours
May 04th – 5.0 hours
May 05th – 3.0 hours
May 06th – 6.0 hours
May 07th – 4.0 hours
May 08th – 3.0 hours
May 09th – 4.0 hours
May 10th – 5.5 hours
May 11th – 6.5 hours
May 12th – 4.0 hours
May 13th – 7.0 hours
May 14th – 4.0 hours
May 15th – 5.0 hours
Total – 209.0 hours

6 thoughts on “Daily Tracker

    1. No it isn’t! It’s so much better than the noose garbage. I’m pretty convinced at this point that if this whole concept is valid, then this is the right device for the job.


  1. I read that you should do manual stretching via hands before moving on to a device. Have you done that or just went right to the stretcher? If it doesn’t make a difference I’m immediately getting some sort of stretcher, the one thing holding me back has been active time commitment.


    1. I just moved straight to the stretcher. I’m trying to keep the other variables at an absolute minimum, so we’ll know at the end of this whether or not a stretcher alone can increase size. The time commitment is serious; if I didn’t sit at home all day this would be pretty difficult.


  2. You have been wearing it now for close to a month, any changes in size?

    I bought the kit too, arrived a week ago, I have to say the latex condom like piece inside the dome, breaks too easily.

    It comes with the medium installed and it broke after two usages, the large one broke on the same day, I’m not sure if it’s from the lube, it dries up very fast, or the head of my member absorbs it.

    I plan on ordering new ones from the company in germany, but for now I have been using a condom as a substitute (Trojan Classic) and it’s working just fine, it’s much more elastic.


    1. I took a measurement the other day and hit 7 inches. It’s too soon to draw any conclusions from that though. By my estimations, I won’t be able to make any solid statements until 500 hours.

      That’s annoying about the latex breaking. So far I’ve only had one break, so they’re lasting longer than they’re supposed to for me. I might try condoms when these run out; that’d be a lot cheaper.


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