It Begins

Well friends, it arrived and I’m wearing it now. Setting it up was simple, and so far I’m impressed with the quality of construction and the comfort of wearing it. Hopefully I won’t be telling a different story six hours from now; that’s the real test.

As you can see in the image above, there are little grooved markings to indicate how much tension is being applied to your dinger. The number of markings shown when you’re in the position you plan to stay in will indicate the weight, in grams, that you are applying. I’m starting with three markings visible, which roughly equates to 690g of force. This seems like fairly moderate amount of tension, and is within the recommended range.

I work from home currently, so sitting with this applied doesn’t really change anything in my day. It does seem like it’s possible to tuck it into my pants in an upward position and walk around, but bending over would be quite annoying.

Update: Today I lengthened for a total of 4 hours. I completed two 1.5 hour increments and a one hour increment. I can tell it’s going to take a little while to perfect the level of vacuum pressure used to fixate the head. At the end of all three sessions there was some pain and discomfort, but nothing too serious. I may experiment with different tension settings, but the ~690g actually seems to be quite reasonable. Overall I’m feeling optimistic at this point, but slightly sore; we’ll see if that fades by morning.

7 thoughts on “It Begins

  1. Fortune favors the brave, good luck man.
    Google “does sun on your balls raise your testosterone?” for some interesting results.


      1. No guy, its the opposite.
        Its a 1939 study granted, but..

        general article about boosting T levels

        Is boosting T the be all and end all? This guy says not really….I figure in your pursuit though it has to help (it does boost red blood cells)

        also don’t be fat

        and sleep good (along with diet and exercise)

        too shy to go outside, red leds will do

        good luck man (heard you on the dick show by the way, great appearance)


      2. That’s really interesting. I’m really tempted to try that and other ideas for boosting testosterone, but I’m worried it’ll taint the results of this experiment. I’ll definitely check it out after we’ve answered the question of stretching!


      3. Well I figure increasing circulation, after the stretching ought to be a goal. Like with lifting weights they say its the triangle or pyramid of exercise, rest and diet for gains. But then I had a andropenis stretcher yrs ago and found that you don’t want to get too horny, before putting the thing on. i.e taking supplements like horny goat weed sure are good for boosting the libido and making your blood feel ‘spicy’, but are(or at least were for me ) counter productive for using with these stretchers.

        Thinking and talking about this here (I’ll stop bugging you now), has jogged my memory about a site I went to yrs ago, which actually still exists these guys here are crazy dedicated to this pursuit.
        If memory serves it was started by a bunch of guys trying to reform their foreskins as a reaction to be circumcised at a (pre choice ) young age
        Just looking now they have a extenders section (reporting great results) and a thorough looking supplements section(and a injuries sections ouch).
        You can do so much to yourself down there, but the goal always ought to be to stay sexually functional.
        Like hanging weights may work in stretching, but whats the point if you can’t ‘use’ the results.
        (On that aspect meditation, ab work from all angels, kegals have been my “go to” along with trying to manage stress…and more so lately adding bone broth and pro-biotics, as is the fashion).

        The power of the mind though is fascinating in its possibilities, you hear of weight lifters getting tricked into breaking records by their trainers, by being told they’re lifting a weight they think they know they can lift (when really it was beyond they normal capacity, because their self belief told them they couldn’t).
        Or read of a martial artist who claimed he healed a broken hand in 1/4 the time, by visualizing nightly little workers repairing his hand with heat.

        In my 20’s I was really into Eastern culture and exercise systems (W.C Kung fu and Iyengar Yoga specifically were my favorites).
        But I bumped into this book specifically on Taoism’s attitude to sexually that changed the way I thought about all of this, for life.
        Sorry I tried to find some of the info for free online, but everyone wants to sell you a damn book.
        They talk of male and female energy being electric, polar opposites that charge each other etc, but they have a section specifically on the 10 strokes and withholding release to charge ones sexual energy that is out of this world for him and her, which is something I’ve strangely never ever heard mentioned anyway else since.
        I’ll bug out now, cheers for doing this as its made me think about all of this again and thanks to the dick show too of course.


      4. Thanks a ton for taking the time to write this out. I’ll be checking out the book and Thunders right away!


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