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Can a man lengthen his dick?

This page follows one man’s quest to answer the ultimate question.

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April 05th – 4.0 hoursApril 06th – 4.0 hoursApril 07th – 5.5 hoursApril 08th – 6.0 hoursApril 09th – 7.0 hoursApril 10th – 6.0 hoursTotal – 32.5 hours

It Begins

Well friends, it arrived and I’m wearing it now. Setting it up was simple, and so far I’m impressed with the quality of construction and the comfort of wearing it. Hopefully I won’t be telling a different story six hours from now; that’s the real test. As you can see in the image above, thereContinue reading “It Begins”

Starting Measurements

As you can see in the above image, I’m starting at around 6.75 inches. Girth is 4.5 inches circumference around the middle of the shaft. I’ve read that girth should be taken at the widest portion, but the middle seemed more accurate considering that we’re looking for change and not just showing off.

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